The Call for Nominations is in any of the following National Research Priority theme areas:

Social Sciences and Humanities: Understanding who we are as a nation, what we want, need
and where we want to be in the future. Directing research to deliberately shape our future.

Sustainable Environmental and Resource Management in Zimbabwe: Improving the way
we utilize our land, water, mineral and energy resources through a better understanding of
human and environmental systems and the use of new production technologies, as well as
aerospace and other sensing technologies.

Promoting and Maintaining Good Health: Promoting good health and well-being for all

National Security of Zimbabwe: Safeguarding Zimbabwe from terrorism, crime, invasive
diseases and pests, strengthening our understanding of Zimbabwe’s place in the region and the
world, guarding the proper exploitation of our natural resources and securing our infrastructure.


Nominations are being accepted for the 13th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium
(ZIRS) Awards hosted by the Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ). The Awards will be given
at the Symposium to be held at the Harare International Conference Centre from 4- 6 October

RCZ hosts symposia biennially to bring together researchers, policy makers, industry,
commerce and various users of research results within and outside Zimbabwe. The ZIRS is an
international event dedicated to showcasing the latest scientific research results, networking
and creating smart partnerships. The Symposia Awards Ceremony is a platform to honour and
recognise excelling researchers from various fields. At the 13th ZIRS awards will be given in
fifteen (15) categories.

Nominations for awards are being invited from individuals, groups, companies and
communities who have done outstanding research and or innovation in their areas of
specialisation and have registered success in employing Research and Development (R&D) or
commercialisation of research results

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